Our Goals

Tonier Cain's primary goal is to develop universal understanding of the nature of trauma and ensure that victims and survivors receive the support they need to thrive.

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"where there is

breath, there is hope"

We equip a wide range of people and organizations to become trauma informed:

·       Individuals

·       Care Organizations

·       Businesses

·       Schools

·       Law Enforcement Agencies

·       Correctional Institutions

·       Medical and Mental Health Services

·       Courts

·       Sports Teams

·       Government Agencies

·       Non-Profits

·       NGOs


A corollary goal we have is to assist non-profits, businesses and government agencies to transform their cultures and practices, increase productivity, reduce conflict and turnover and improve customer service.

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Our Services

Our Trauma Informed Services Currently Include:

·       Tonier Cain Engagements

·       Immersive Learning Experiences

·       Consulting Engagements

·       Annual Conferences

·       Deep Dive In Trauma Informed Practice

·       Videos

·       Books

·       Advocacy

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Our Future

We are continuing to develop our capacity to cultivate communities of trauma informed practice.

Lasting social change occurs one-by-one—one person, one organization, one company, one place, one common purpose at a time—but it only succeeds when one becomes many and goes on to become many more. That is how we see our work—going from one to include many and on to engage many more.

As Tonier has said, “Where there is breath, there is hope.” We believe in the power of hope to animate lives that from outside look irreparable. We are committed to creating genuine opportunities for trauma victims and survivors to instantiate hope by mobilizing society to lend a hand.